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Defacement, Thomas Robson

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Polar Wandering, Raul Ruzzene, Paper Collage, 2013.

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Searching For A Cure, Paper Collage, 201?

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A spectacular electrical storms light up the Puyehue-Cordón Caulle range after the massive 8.8-magnitude Puyehue volcano erupted in Chile which had laid dormant for over half a century. The eruption belched an ash cloud more than six miles high over the Andes and cause a flurry of earth quakes. Photos by: Francisco Negroni | Flickr 500px

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Helped out at Operation Medicine Cabinet yesterday. Instead of allowing unused prescription medication to end up in landfills or to get into our water supply, programs like this dispose of them via incineration.

Cool lighting outside at work. #nofilter

Marco Ortolan

‘The Mirror’, 2011

oil on canvas

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